Whitechapel Regeneration

English Heritage
Project Stage: 

Carried out for English Heritage in May 2000 in partnership with Tower Hamlets the objective of the project was to examine and survey an entire urban block in all its complexity. The project included both building appraisal and advice on the implementation of a grants scheme for the repair and conservation of a group of 55 buildings, (12 of which were statutorily listed buildings), as well as a large number of locally listed structures. The report on each building included suggestions on the scope and method of repairs, likely eligible works and details for the replacement of missing architectural ornament as well as a general assessment of character and a detailed cost assessment.
The project included a written description of each property, and its condition, together with illustrations, comment and cost on the repair of each of the buildings: the document is a useful starting point for the High Street 2012 Scheme.