Hornchurch Action Plan

London Borough of Havering
Project Stage: 

Butler Hegarty Architects was commissioned to investigate the future development of Hornchurch Town Centre as a centre of culture and heritage in the London Borough of Havering. This included a public consultation exercise called Blink! – take another look at Hornchurch, which comprised of a range of activities including light projections, an exhibition, the production of a guide called "The Hornchurch Walk", and the construction of this walk as a dotted path.
Subsequently, Butler Hegarty Architects carried out a Conservation Area Appraisal as a prerequisite to designating a Conservation Area in Hornchurch Town Centre. The purpose of the appraisal was to define and analyse the character, appearance and sense of place of the proposed Conservation Area, and to provide a sound basis for planning policies and development control decisions. One of the key aspects of the appraisal was to recognise and describe local distinctiveness, and articulate the challenges and potential for "fringe heritage" in an area on the eastern edge of London, which is undergoing rapid change and development.