Canonbury Square

November 2015
Project Stage: 
Georgian Group Architectural Awards 2015 - Joint Winner, Giles Worsley Award for a New Building in a Georgian Context

BHA became involved in this project after Planning Permission and Listed Building Consent had already been resolved. Our commission at first sounds simple: rebuild a Georgian town house as authentically as possible.
The reconstructed building is unusual in that it was Grade 2 listed before it was built, and as a new build extension to a historic listed fragment it has to meet current building standards. The external appearance of the original late Georgian house has been recreated and now comprises of five levels. The plan arrangement and hierarchy of spaces, with front and rear rooms on each level, and a single staircase rising from basement to third floor, is traditional for a London town house. At basement level, the original footprint of the house has been extended, with a new kitchen extension opening to the garden, which has been designed to appear visually light, using modern materials to contrast to the main house.
The thermal performance of the walls is enhanced by lining the brickwork with carbon negative Hempcrete (hemp fibre mixed with lime) infill to a light timber frame. This creates a wall depth that ensures linings to windows are accurate and traditional shutter details can be formed at each level. Lime plaster, with clay paint finishes, is used throughout the building to ensure that the wall construction is moisture permeable and “breathes”. The building services and technologies are carefully integrated into the fabric of the building, so that the traditional appearance and atmosphere of the interior spaces is recreated.
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