Mare St. CAA

London Borough of Hackney
Project Stage: 
Appraisal complete

This appraisal was carried out as a prerequisite to designating a Mare Street Conservation Area, which combined the existing Town Hall Square Conservation Area with a new area to the south stretching along Mare Street, composed primarily of 19th century development, with a number of surviving 18th century buildings, and a group of distinctive industrial warehouse buildings in an area stretching west of Mare Street towards London Fields.
The purpose of the appraisal was to define and analyse the character, appearance and sense of place of the proposed Conservation Area, and to provide a sound basis for planning policies and development control decisions. One of the key aspects of the appraisal was to recognise and describe local distinctiveness, and to identify particular "quarters" within the broader area under study. This appraisal was subsequently used as a tool to enable high quality area regeneration via the HERS and the planning process. The appraisal covered the following issues: national and local planning and development policy, history of Mare Street, urban design and development control guidelines, a detailed street by street description, together with a comprehensive photographic survey of all buildings in the proposed Conservation Area.