Sandycombe Lodge: Turner's three dimensional painting in Twickenham

January 2016

We're working with Turner's House Trust on the project to restore Sandycombe Lodge, J.M.W. Turner's house in Twickenham, and open it to visitors. The project goes on site in Spring 2016.

Sandycombe Lodge was designed by Turner as a rural retreat near the Thames in Twickenham, and was built between 1813 and 1815. Turner owned the building until 1825, and his father lived in the house throughout this period. There is clear evidence to attribute the design of the building to Turner, and circumstantial evidence to suggest that his designs were influenced by his great friend, the architect Sir John Soane.

We have developed a conservation strategy for the project based on an approach of “creative demolition”, removing a late 19th century additional floor added to the wings and return the building to its original form. When completed, the project will interpret the building as a house inhabited by Turner, display the Livermore Collection of Turner material, and set up a programme of events and activities to involve people of all ages.

New York Times article on Sandycombe Lodge, January 2016: