Wattle and daub education workshops

July 2014

Last month, a team from Butler Hegarty Architects designed and delivered
education workshops on wattle and daub at the Master's House, Ledbury.

We worked with 2 groups:

Workshop 1 with 57 local primary school children

"It's squishy. Its like plasticine. its soft and sticky."

"A thoroughly enjoyable trip and we are now looking forward to seeing
the finished project. A big thanks to all of the team involved in showing us
around and taking the demonstrations. it was pitched at exactly the right level."

Workshop 2 with 7 enthusiastic adult volunteers

"I loved every minute! It made me appreciate how hard the original builders
worked. Everyone was exceptionally friendly, informative and patient with my
questions. A wonderful idea. In 500 years time, some of my handiwork should
still be there - an awesome concept. Thank you for the opportunity."

Thank you to the following people for their contribution to the workshops:

staff and children from Ledbury Primary School
adult volunteers
Jessica Worlock, Herefordshire County Council
Ed Mandrell and Matt Bailey, Speller Metcalfe

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